PEEK HotEnd NF Zone-v6 Cooper High Temperature Bowden Extruder E3D V6 500° 70W

PEEK HotEnd NF Zone-v6 Cooper High Temperature Bowden Extruder E3D V6 500° 70W

Artikelnummer: NF Zone-v6

This kit is specially designed for printing high temperature filament at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius with plastics such as Carbon, PEI and PEEK.  offers you the latest developments in the field of 3D printing. In our store you will find only the best spare parts to improve your 3D printer.



 NF Zone-v6 HotEnd




    The use of aerospace materials is an idea developed by the NF team in 2016. The location of the throat requires poor thermal conductivity and non-stick properties for printing materials. We have tried many experiments and finally completed it in 2020-08-15. We named this product series Zone, and hope that 3D printing enthusiasts will try new products in new Zone and create unlimited possibilities.


     The M6 thread position uses a special design and needs to be pressed by the nozzle to prevent it from rotating. Please don't be surprised by the m6 thread rotation. This is normal. The heat sink design is inspired by BMG Wind, which allows the wind to blow from one side to the other.


    Benefit to the use of aerospace materials as the throat, the heat sink only needs a small volume to produce sufficient heat dissipation performance.Because the material is less sticky than metal, it reduces the blockage caused by the friction of the throat


    Hardened steel nozzles provide good abrasion resistance for carbon fiber printing and can be used longer. These copper nozzles are perfect for high temperature applications while working perfectly with everyday filaments like PEEK, Carbon, PLA, ABS, PETG, PA, TPU, etc.


    We have done an interesting experiment. When the air temperature is within 25 degrees Celsius, try to 195 degrees Celsius and set the filament back to 6mm to print. PLA finishes printing without using a fan to dissipate heat. Hope that customers can try some extreme tests to tell us the results, so that we can better improve product quality.


 Using the V6 mounting connector, you can directly replace the original V6 hot end, which is more convenient to use, but it cannot be installed on the prusa bracket. Please note.


You can use the aluminum fan bracket to install the heat sink fan for easy use.


If you need a spare nozzle, you can choose to click here:Brass nozzle / Hardened steel Nozzle / Copper nozzle.


Note:The correct way is to screw the nozzle first and then fix the hot end on the machine.



Ceramic Cartridge Heater Tube 6*20mm 12V 24V 70W 


Item Features:


The heater head size: m6x20mm

Wire length: 1 meter

Voltage: 24V

Watt: 70W


The improvement compared to ordinary red heater

1. From the original ordinary 0.3-line high-temperature line to 0.5-line thick white high-temperature line, can bear higher temperature, and looks more beautiful.

2. Therefore, from the original 40W power increased to 70W, the maximum temperature increased from 300℃ to 350℃ or so. Get faster heating speed.

3. The new version heater used in all imported skills, the use of 304 stainless steel, with the internal use of 2080 nickel chrome wire to achieve maximum service life.

4. Support the customization of different specifications, length, resistance of the heater.

5. Can be used with the new HT-NTC100K temperature thermistor (Temperature measurement can be up to 350 degrees).

6.The heating tube is marked with voltage and power to make it easier for customers to use.




1. The effective heating part of the heater must keep dry.


2. The electrical connector of the single-ended heater should be placed out of the insulation layer and heating room, and the working voltage shall not exceed its rated value of 10%. The shell should be effectively grounded.


3. Electric components working environment, the temperature should not be greater than 95 degrees, no explosive or corrosive gases.


  • Electric components should be stored in a dry place.



NF High Temperature Thermistor Cartridge 450℃




This sensor are able to measure higher temperatures-up to 450degC.You can give up pt100 and k type thermocouples, just choose our high temperature thermal sensor.You can easily print engineering materials such as PLA, ABS, PEEK.


  • Temperature Measurement Size:3*15


  • The length of the entire Thermistor wire is 1M


  • Easier to use by adding terminals at the end


  • Genuine molex terminal






Set 1:


High Quality Aluminum Zone-V6 Cooling Block X 1

High Precision V6 Copper Nozzle X 1

High Quality V6 Copper Heating Block X 1

Aluminum fan bracket  X 1

M3*14 Screws X 4


24V Heating tube 70w X 1

HNTC Thermistor X 1

24V 3010 Fan


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