FLY RRF E3 32BIT Wie DUET 2 WIFI 4/7" RepRap 3D Drucker TMC2209 4 Axis

FLY RRF E3 32BIT Wie DUET 2 WIFI 4/7" RepRap 3D Drucker TMC2209 4 Axis

Artikelnummer: FLY RRF E3 presents to your attention the latest motherboard for your 3D printer with the best performance to date. This is the newest motherboard produced in 2021.

Thanks to its compact size, you can install this motherboard in any existing 3D printer and raise the level of printing to unprecedented heights.

FLY RRF E3 use reprap firmware which you can customize with unprecedented ease to your printer.

Fly motherboard uses Web Control as well as Duet-2 wifi


The motherboard design is completed by the NF team, and the firmware is developed by the gloomy team. The gloomy team only provides comprehensive technical support for our motherboards, so that customers can get high-quality motherboards and get better technical assistance. Enjoy the joy of 3D printing.


Another feature of FLY Touch Screen is that it works also with Duet-2 wifi motherboard


The software is constantly being improved. The new firmware versions fix the errors that were contained in the previous versions. At the first stages small bugs are possible.



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FLY-RRF-E3 uses Reprap firmware. The motherboard has WiFi function to support web control, web page modification firmware, and the transfer file speed can reach up to 500K/S. The mounting screw hole of the motherboard is the same as the Ender3 machine, and it can be directly installed to Ender3, Currently compatible with 12864 screen, you will forget the screen with wifi. If you have sufficient budget, you can consider our capacitive screen. We provide you with the Stl bracket file. You can print the bracket and install it on the ender3 machine.



-FLY-RRF-E3 Board

-TMC2209 x4 UART support

- Cable




Reprap Firmware

How to use Reprap Firmware

First, download the firmware package on FLYmaker's github

Download the firmware package for the corresponding motherboard

FLY-F407ZG - You can download from our website

Further reading on LPC and STM32

Download FLY's github file package for first-time use

1. Copy the files in the RepRap firmware folder to the root directory of the SD

2. Insert the SD card into the motherboard

3. Restart/Reboot/Re-power the motherboard

4. Plug all the pins around the wifi module as shown in the figure:

5. Open the terminal software(Pronteface), select the port and click connect

6. Enter M997 S1 in the lower right corner, and then click send

7. This step is to burn the motherboard wifi program

8. After programming is complete, send M552 S0 command to put wifi in idle mode

9. Send M587 S"WIFI name" P"WIFI password" command

(The system will automatically remember the WIFI name and password)

Important Note:

If your wifi password containslowercase, please add (') before the letter to configure according to the following example:

Example 1

WIFI name: FLY2

WIFI password: fly12345

Send as:

M587 S"FLY2" P"'f'l'y12345"


Example 2

WIFI name: FLY2

WIFI password: 12345678

Send as:

M587 S"FLY2" P"12345678"


10. Send M552 S1, to turn on the network connection

11. Enter the Printer IP address into the web browser


12. If you have a FLY touch screen, put this command in Custom Settings for config.g: M575 P1 S0 B57600

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