5x Stepper Motor 17HS4401S 0.9° 1.3A NEMA17 Schrittmotor

5x Stepper Motor 17HS4401S 0.9° 1.3A NEMA17 Schrittmotor

Artikelnummer: 17HS4401S 0.9°

product features


1. The rotation speed is uniform and no step is lost.

 The PCB board is strengthened in the motor, and the unique stator technology is adopted,

Ensure that the stator teeth of the motor are ground uniformly and cleanly, and the internal control accuracy is high.

The speed is stable and accurate without losing step during the working process.

 2. Stable structure, no jamming

 The surface of the motor rotor is coated with imported epoxy resin, which seals the rotor as a whole and is cured at high temperature.After the rotor is processed by abrasion, machining residues such as iron pins are not easy to appear in the tooth grooves.The motor is stable even after long-term use. There is no risk of jamming.

 3. Stable speed and low noise

The motor has high overall stability, uniform rotation speed and low noise through Kossel Prusa I3, Ultmaker, corexy and other motors. Users can purchase with confidence.



5x Stepper Motor 17HS4401S 0.9

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